Works in Progress

ARCADIAN MONTH (worse title ever, yes)
fantasy romance – finished, undergoing heavy edits
Briseis Wuther, a 25-year-old graphic designer, is so close to getting engaged she can already feel the weight of the ring on her finger. With her steady job, steady boyfriend, and altogether steady life, Bri thinks she has everything figured out. However, when she is kidnapped by a group of cat-like creatures called the Kirmera who are seeking a mate for their future leader, her perfect world comes crashing down around her. Bri must discover a way to free herself and three other women before she becomes too comfortable in this new life, and before she loses her heart to one of her captors.

The novel revolves around a strong woman who demonstrates her spit-fire personality and quick wit even when faced with dangerous situations. Embedded within the novel are themes of friendship, forbidden love, and even murder. Bri continuously struggles against her own feelings, especially in regards to the boyfriend she left behind and the Kirmera male she finds in the wilderness.

YA fantasy, undergoing complete rewrite
An Opalal named Aya never thought she would be chosen to enroll in University at the Spherical Palace, especially since her twin brother is so much smarter than her despite his deafness. She is thrown into a world where class and social status matter more than anything and a war she doesn’t understand. With the help of a human who should be her enemy and an Opalal warrior who is forbidden to speak to her, she uncovers the truth about her people.

FALLING UPWARDS (aka, the monster novel)
fantasy – currently being ripped apart
Concerning the Winged people.

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