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September 24, 2010

time for something new

So all I really want to do is blog about baby G, so here’s my new blog. Check it. 🙂

gray baby productions

September 5, 2010

a zoo day

Yesterday we took Grayson for his second zoo visit on his three month birthday.

He was wide awake for the first part, so we walked up to the large grassy area and spread out our picnic blanket for some airy time. It was a beautiful day with the first hints of approaching fall. My little boy is so big!

It was a little difficult to get good pictures of him because he was fascinated with the blanket and kept wanting to stare at it. We managed to get a few by letting the camera follow his gaze – ha.

He loves to stand. He’d stand during all playtime if we had the arm strength.

It’s been too hot this summer to take him outside much, so he’s not very familiar with bright sun and wind. He seemed to really enjoy the breeze, however.

I love our little family of three. Happy three month, my babycake. My cuddlebug.

September 2, 2010

things that thrill

I have an awesome baby (who is sleeping in his bouncy right now). He never ceases to amaze me with his own quirks and moods. Every little thing he does fascinates me. There hasn’t been a baby in the family since my last first cousin was born, and I think she’s 13 or something. So there has been a severe lack of babies in the family for a long time. I think I babysat my cousin once.

I was woefully inexperienced in the matter of pregnancy and babies.

When G was born, the first thing I said was, “He looks like an alien!” Because he did. He was slimy and had dark almond-shaped eyes with no eyelashes (now he still has dark almond-shaped eyes but with eyelashes that are black, thich, and a half inch long). He looked at me all squinty like and gave the pout that today he still gives. Then he cried and I tired to hold him, which got me all slimy too.

Luckily, I’d read up enough that I kinda knew what to do for breastfeeding and such. I never the basics of baby-rearing. But I hadn’t held a baby in oh-so long for more than a few minutes, and I certainly hadn’t been around one for 24/7. Alone. (The alone came later, of course, once my mom left and Dave went back to work.)

G’s personality has been evident from the beginning. I love to talk about his little personality quirks because they show me that my little baby was his own self right from the start. And that’s just awesome.

What He Loves

1. To have you notice him. He’d much rather stare at a face than a toy. And if you return his eye contact, his face lights up, he opens up a giant grin, his arms and legs start to flail, and he’ll literally squeal at you with happiness. You noticed me!

2. The boob. He’s loved to stay on the boob for long periods of time and he’d probably stay on longer if that pesky milk didn’t keep coming out. He’s a champion eater. Introducing a paci was pretty much prescribed by our pediatrician to give me a break when he was 2 weeks old. He took to a bottle with ease as well.

3. To stand. We’ve been letting him stand with assistance since his two-month appointment when the pedi showed us that he could. He loves this more than anything. His face simply glows. Really.

4. To sleep on his stomach, kinda sideways, with his head thrown back across our arm. It looks so uncomfortable but this is how he maneuvers himself for naptime when he sleeps on us. But he’ll take long naps this way, so who knows.

5. To chat. When he turned 6 weeks to the day, my babycake woke up, gave me a biiig smile, and started to coo at me on the changing table. He hasn’t shut up since. We had a really long conversation today about my lunch.

6. The TV. We have to be careful if it’s on while he’s in the room because he will stay glued to it if he’s turned toward the monster. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching either. He loves it.

What He Hates

1. Diaper. must. be. changed. He hates having his diaper wet or dirty. He’s getting better about this as he gets older, but for a while we were going through at least 25 diapers a day. As soon as he would pee, he’d scream. Nowadays, he’s okay with the pee but not with the poop. I feel awesome if I only change one diaper an hour.

2. To be left alone for too long. He’s getting better about this, but I’m much more likely to get to finish eating lunch if I sit next to him while he’s on his play mat. He loves to watch me eat.

3. Being strapped into the car seat. But he falls asleep almost every time in less than a minute. Hahaha.

4. Having his clothes changed. Something about the shirt going over his head freaks him out. He can go from a good mood to howling in a matter of seconds. If he’s in a really good mood, he might just pout about it. Poor baby.

5. Taking a nap sometimes. Other times he’ll settle and go right to sleep in a few minutes. But sometimes he fights it with all he’s got, even if it’s been four hours since he slept. He did that just now, but the bouncy seat won.

6. Tummy time. It pissed him off so much when he tries to roll and can’t. And if he has a bit of a wet diaper, forget about it. No way is he going to lay on top of a soggy diape. He’ll raise up his head and give you the unhappiest face ever.

I could go on and on, but maybe I should be a little productive while he’s actually passed out on something other than me.

He is so amused by me, yes?

August 17, 2010

this is what happens when I wake up at 5am

…I actually blog!

So I had a baby. June 4th. Am working on a post about that, but I certainly have been distracted for the past, er, eight months. I love my little babycake, especially when he gives me smiles like this:

He’s only two months old, but he smiles and coos like crazy. He’s so cute!

Ahem, anyway, I’m returning to work in a week, hence why I’m up at 5am today. My hubby and I are doing a trial run of our mornings today to see how it goes. It went well even though Grayson decided to get up at 3 and not go back to sleep until 7. Ouch. So I’m existing on about 5 hours of sleep right now. In any case, it does mean I have some free time, so here I am.

And, some lists!

Reasons I Look Forward to Work

1. It’s only two days a week for four hours, so it’s not like I’ll be separated from my little bugger for very long. But it’ll be enough time that I feel like I’m getting out of the house for a bit.

2. The chance to talk to adults in a normal voice. I don’t baby-talk Grayson, but he does respond to tones. I think my students wouldn’t appreciate a high-pitched and way too excited “Who’s a good student? Yes, you are!”

3. Man to man bonding time. I’m so happy that Dave can take care of Grayson while I’m at work.

4. Things to do other than take care of a baby. It is sad that I’m looking forward to having things to grade?

5. Money! I haven’t had a paycheck in a while, and having that money to help pay for the 20 diapers a day that Grayson goes through will be helpful. (He has a very sensitive tushy.)

Reasons I’m Not Looking Forward to Work

1. Waking up at 5am. Grayson still doesn’t have the whole sleeping through the night thing down yet. He normally sleeps from 8:30-3, if we’re lucky, but it can be difficult to get him to go back to sleep for a while after that. We’re used to getting out of bed at 6-7:30, which usually gives a bit more time for sleep.

2. Pumping. I hate hate hate pumping. I’m not very good at it so I don’t get many ounces, which means I have to do it often. But we don’t want to supplement with formula, so there you go. I really love breastfeeding. Even with all the problems, it’s been easier than I thought it’d be. In any case, I’m happy to be able to feed my child even while I’m away, but don’t enjoy the process.

3. Teaching long classes. This means I don’t get to eat much but a snack between them if I’m lucky. I also won’t get to eat lunch until near noon. I’m breastfeeding and pumping, which means I’m thirsty and hungry all of the time. And I do mean all of the time.

4. Wearing work clothes. I’ve existed in pjs for two months now. It’s a transition!

5. Being away from Grayson. I get so exhausted taking care of him sometimes, but I miss him terribly when I’m gone even for an hour. He’s my babycake, my cuddle-bug. He makes the best faces and loves to be held and talked to.

I’ve gotta head off to campus to run some errands. I’ll post more again soon about the baby, but for now, here’s a naked baby pic.

January 2, 2010

reading, writing, and, uh, baby stuff

It’s 2010 now. My first wedding anniversary was technically yesterday, but I’ll just call it today, since it’s early in the morning and I can’t sleep anyway. This time last year I was in the airport, boarding a plane to Maui. This year I’m sitting at the computer with a baby in my belly, wishing I could take some decongestant. Alas.

1. Read a few books over the break.

The Twelve Kingdoms: The Vast Spread of the Sea
Fuyumi Ono

12K is a (unfinished) series of Japanese fantasy novels upon which a fantastic anime by the same name is based.  This one is the third.  They’ve all three been grand, and perhaps the first was my favorite, but this one gives some glimpses into two of my favorite characters.  The books are very mythological in the way the story is told.  Sometimes the author takes you out of the story too much to explain yet another specific world-building aspect.  If I hadn’t seen the anime many times, I’d probably get confused more often than now.  Still, the books created one of my favorite anime ever, so I do appreciate them on that level.  Plus, the anime follows the books almost to the letter, which is a rare finding.

Odd and the Frost Giants
Neil Gaiman

I’m a huge fan of Neil Gaiman on multiple levels.  This is one of those books I can’t wait to read to my kid when he/she gets to be a bit older.  It’s a bit mature for too young of readers – issues of kidnapping, drinking, etc – but it reads similar to a fairy tale.  Not a book that will stand out in my mind when I think of Gaiman, but I believe it was a book written quickly in any case.

2. Writing

I’ve been itching to write again as I settle a bit more into this pregnancy thing.  I’m still waiting for the nausea to ease, but it doesn’t seem to be just yet.  (I just gagged while typing that.)  I’ve been so tired that I hardly even want to think.  But teaching starts up again in a week, and I’ll have to think to teach, so perhaps that will give me a nice jump start.

3.  Baby stuff

16 weeks as of yesterday (today).  Time is just flying by.  We have our 20ish-week ultrasound on the 25th of January, and that’s when we ought to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.  I feel bad having to call the baby “it” and I’d like to start thinking about names!

As you can see, things got shorter and shorter.  I think my body can sleep again.  Ciao.