Alicia Maria Hernandez-Burr was born on the 40th anniversary of Pearl Harbor in a Florida hospital that no longer exists. Her parents, a Southern woman and a Cuban who moved to the U.S. when he was eight, finally settled in Alabama, where Alicia grew up.

She’s not particularly Southern or Cuban, but a weird conglomeration of both.  A biscuits and black beans kind of woman.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Nashville, where she studied English and Spanish (no, she still can’t speak it) and founded the creative arts journal Exordium. Afterward, she moved to Iowa, where she won the Dark Horse Award for creative writing. After earning her Master’s degree in English with a concentration in creative writing, she was left yearning for trees again, so she moved back to Nashville where they live in abundance.

Alicia currently teaches English as an adjunct instructor.  She married her best friend on January 1, 2009.  They live in Nashville with two needy cats, Bill and Simon, who aren’t sure what to think about the newest addition, a baby boy named Grayson.

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