a zoo day

Yesterday we took Grayson for his second zoo visit on his three month birthday.

He was wide awake for the first part, so we walked up to the large grassy area and spread out our picnic blanket for some airy time. It was a beautiful day with the first hints of approaching fall. My little boy is so big!

It was a little difficult to get good pictures of him because he was fascinated with the blanket and kept wanting to stare at it. We managed to get a few by letting the camera follow his gaze – ha.

He loves to stand. He’d stand during all playtime if we had the arm strength.

It’s been too hot this summer to take him outside much, so he’s not very familiar with bright sun and wind. He seemed to really enjoy the breeze, however.

I love our little family of three. Happy three month, my babycake. My cuddlebug.


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