let’s talk about food

So, I’m pregnant.  Beyond the tons of other symptoms I’m having, there’s also a constant want for food.  I’m usually somewhere between starving and not hungry, and never full.  Tomorrow, my hubby and I journey to my parents’ house to partake in the usual Thanksgiving feast.  For weeks now I’ve really not thought of much else besides eating turkey.  The craving is so strong it’s almost painful.

My family is a very food-oriented family.  I’m not particularly fond of cooking myself, but I certainly love to eat when the food is good.  My family has super strong holiday tranditions, specifically those dealing with food.

My Thanksgiving feast will look like this:

1. Turkey, of course.  There will be a traditional herb-roasted turkey, and the past few years they’ve also done a smoked turkey outside.  The smoked turkey is delicious, but smoking doesn’t go well with my stomach, so I’ll focus my attentions to the herbed turkey.

2. Yellow squash and chicken stuffing.  My grandmother makes this every year.  I get my own individual stuffing because I hate onions, so she makes me a dish without onions.  I love my granny!

3. Green beans.  Nothing fancy, usually with tomatoes.

4. Egg gravy.  This sounds so gross, and I’m really not sure how my grandmother makes it.  It’s so unbelievably delicious and goes perfectly with turkey and stuffing.

5. Mac and cheese.  Made for my husband who’s not a fan of turkey.  Or stuffing.  Poor thing.

6. Rolls.  There are some frozen ones you can buy that are my favorite rolls in the world.

7. Cranberry sauce.  I don’t care for cranberries unless they’re in juice form, but there will be something cranberry-related for everyone else.

8. This year, Dave and I are making a chocolate silk pie.  Here’s hoping it turns out good.

9. Mum might make New York-style cheesecake, which was my preference.  My brother has asked for honey bun cake (which sounds gross, in my opinion).  Let’s see who wins.

That’s our Thanksgiving meal.  I love to eat the leftovers for the next week and a half.  This wait is just driving me crazy.


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