5 things that make me really happy right now

1. I’m pregnant.  It was so quick and amazingly easy and I feel so so so thankful that it was.  Baby is eight weeks old and doing fabulously.  I’m achy and breaking out and nauseous, but that’s ok!

2. The kittens are leaving our home one by one.  I’m not particularly happy that they’re leaving, but I am very happy that they’re healthy and going to the best homes we could find.  We even found a home for mama cat.  So I’m just exciting for them and greatful it’s been easy to accomplish.

3. The weather.  It’s just chilly enough for a jacket, but warm enough with the sun that I don’t feel that cold.  We’ve had so many cloudless skies this week, and with the trees turning colors, the view outside just makes me grin all silly-like.

4. My husband.  He’s already been amazing with this pregnancy, stepping up to take over when I can’t.  I can’t wait to see him holding our son or daughter for the first time.

5. NANOWRIMO is going on right now.  I wish I could’ve participated, but I love seeing others get inspired to put some words down on paper.  Even if the writing industry thinks it evil (and really, I just think they need to loosen up a bit).


3 Comments to “5 things that make me really happy right now”

  1. Congrats on the babyness.

  2. The writing industry thinks Nano is evil?

  3. Yeah, because 1) it apparently makes people think 50,000 is a novel, and 2) it apparently makes people submit their manuscript to agents on Dec. 1st.

    Because, you know, it’s not like people don’t do that already, by submitting things that are too short (or too long) or by submitting novels that haven’t been edited. I just wish some of them could lighten up a bit and realize that at least these writers are getting some practice writing.

    And writers shouldn’t say in their query letters that this was a Nano novel. Because agents won’t look at it. Go figure.

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