crazy in this world of mine

I have not been blogging as much as I had promised myself. Not for lack of topics or even for lack of time; rather, for a supreme lack of mental compacity.

I’ve been up to a lot.

1. Work. We’re quickly approaching midterms. I told myself that I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to grade this semester, and while that’s going pretty well, it does mean that I have grading to do every day instead of piles of grading to do over a few days. I guess that’s better, but it does leave me not wanting to do much but read or plop down in front of the TV.

2. Kitties. The kittens are doing great, except for the fact that we discovered Mr Fuzzy Pants is instead a Ms Fuzzy Pants. Whoops. They have their eyes open and they can stand up on all four paws. They are terribly awesome. So instead of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, I kind of just want to go into the office and sit and watch kittens play around. More pictures upcoming on the Flickr page later this week.

3. Party season. This party season has begun. This time of year always seems to be super busy, doing things with friends and family. I believe we have one free weekend this month. So when I do get some free time, I’m more likely to spend it with my husband than typing on here.

4. Ch-ch-changes. They are upon us. That’s about all I can say right now!

Yes, I have tons of excuses and really none of them are that great. But I’m still here and ready to be back to blogging!


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