Fantasy Book Covers – no room for me?

Tim Holman over at The Publisher Files posted a chart concerning the art on the covers of all fantasy books published last year.  This doesn’t necessarily represent the content of the books, but rather what was put on the covers to sell them.

There’s a big difference.

In any case, I was curious as to how The Novel That Ate My Life (the one about the Winged) would fit here.  So here are the categories listed.  They listed in the same order as on the chart, from the least used on fantasy book covers to the most used.

1. Unicorns
Nope, no unicorns in the Winged novel.  I’m sad to see that unicorns made the bottom of the list.  Maybe they’ll come back one day?  One of my favorite novels concerning unicorns is book one in The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville.  (Upon looking it up on Amazon to double-check the spelling of his name, I just discovered that a new volume in this series came out last year.  I should read that.)

2. Maps
I guess a map could work okay, though maps themselves play no role in the Winged novel.

3. Stilettos

4. Hobbits/dwarves/orcs/goblins
The only fantasy-esque people in my novel are the Winged themselves.

5. Elves/fae
See above.  And the Winged aren’t elvish or fae in any way.

6. Tattoos
Nope.  Rev probably has a tattoo, but it’s no running theme.

7. Damsel in distress
There are certainly women in dangerous situations, but I wouldn’t say that’s the point of the book.

8. Staffs

9. Completely dark cover of meaninglessness
There are that many fantasy novels that fall into this category?  Well, it would work, in any case.  The Winged novel is dark enough.

10. Wolves
Animals play absolutely no role in the book.

11. Guns
Some characters use guns, but they’re meant to be out of place.  Not a symbol of the whole book.

12. Bow and Arrow

13. Boats
Definitely not.

14. Horses
Again, no animals.

15. Dragons
I adore dragons, but there are none here.

16. Castle/citadel
The Winged certainly have their own home base of operations, so to speak, that plays a big role in the story.  So I’d be okay if something castle-ish poked around on the cover.  Maybe in the background.  Eh.

17. Glowy magic
Not much glowy magic here.  No one can shoot energy from their hands or such.

18. Swords
No swords here.

So all in all, my novel doesn’t fall into many of the categories for what pops up on fantasy novel covers.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


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