8 Characters

I’m trying to focus on finished up ARCADIAN MONTH (still really need to change that title!) but I keep getting distracted by visions of FALLING UPWARDS.  I’ve been having daydreams about FU for a few months now; these daydreams are similar to dreams in that they wash over me at the most random of times and I can’t really control them.  I’ll be pouring a bowl of cereal and bam I’m in a scene and Ana and Rev are glaring at each other from across a playground.

It’s very distracting, I assure you.

I haven’t touched FALLING UPWARDS since grad school, and these characters don’t play nice.  If I leave them alone for too long, they start revolting and refuse to let me work on anything else.  It’s only a matter of time before I have to abandon other projects and focus on them again before they make my brain explode.

In an effort to pull a little of this novel out of my head so I can refocus on ARCADIAN, here is a list of the main characters from FU.  Certainly my fondness for playing with names shows up in this novel; the fact that the whole novel came from the fascination with the word Anagnorisis should show this anyway.

1. Anagnorisis. My main character, Ana always tries to follow the rules but somehow ends up not so much.  He was born in 19th century England and has a son’s sense of duty, but he’s also been in the United States for the last 100 years and has the dry attitude to prove it.  He loves smoking and hates crowds – too many people talking at once.  His wings are half those of a bird and half those of a bat, and no, he doesn’t want to talk about it.  When he falls, he falls hard, as he does with Epi, the girl he loves but can never give himself to.  I love Ana for what he isn’t – he’s not so much the hero as the guy who tries to stop the villain.

2. Revelation. I adore Rev on so many levels.  He is everything Ana is not – charismatic, outgoing (though definitely a bitch), a rule-breaker.  Ana tries to follow the rules, but Rev doesn’t even care what the rules are.  Like Ana, he focuses on Epi, but he does not love her – he obsesses.  Rev is a true villain in the sense that he doesn’t seem to care about others; he is often sadistic and cruel.  He will kill people to make a point.  He is much younger than Ana, and sometimes this shows.  His wings are grey, to which he says, “Of course.”

3. Epiphany. Epi is a hard character to figure out.  Most of her feelings about something are kept beneath the surface and usually this is not intentional.  Thus, she often throws off Ana and Rev who find her unpredictable.  She has soft blue wings.  She is the final task of Ana (the last person he turns into a Winged); however, she’s the one who turns Rev.  Therefore, she’s connected to both in a weird sort of triangle.  Before anything else, Epi is NICE.

4. Kepzelet. Kep is a happy-go-lucky sort of guy.  He tries to make friends with everything, and often says things before thinking about them first.  He was quite young when he was tasked, so he looks perpetually 14.  Because of this, he is often treated as the baby of the group, which isn’t often deserved.

5. Scio. No one really knows how old Scio is, but he was already quite old when he created Ana.  He calls himself the Director, though he functions as leader of the Winged.  He creates the rules and assigns Winged to tasks; he controls much of what happens in the group.  I try to present him as a Gandalf/Dumbledore/older guy advising the younger specifically because he turns out to be anything but.

6. Castigalia. Casi is cold and calculating, and a dear friend of Ana.  Over the course of the novel, they break ways and end up on different sides.

7. Tiltmeter. Rev’s only task.  She’s one of the few people Rev will not touch and she uses that to her advantage.  She’s peppy and a little explosive, quick to anger.  She cares fiercely.

8. Catharsis. Cath enters the picture late as a little boy who Rev snatches away from his family.  Traumatized, he refuses to speak to anyone.  He is the only Winged whose wings are pure white due to the fact that he was tasked too young.

Those are my top eight characters.  There are a couple more, but their roles are limited.

I feel a bit better now.  Back to ARCADIAN.


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