The Recession and Me

So, in fact, the recession seems to still be going on.  The music industry is still hurting and thus my husband’s job (though there have been a few positive things of note lately).  I never know how many hours I’ll be able to receive as an adjunct.  Luckily, everyone still needs to take English, but as an adjunct, I’m on the lower end of the pool for receiving classes.  Home sales in Nashville for last month are still down 11% from July 2008, but at least they are continuously going up month to month.

As an aspiring unpublished writer, it’s certainly disheartening to see that book sales are down 20%.  When you’re struggling to pay the mortgage and feed your family, you really don’t have the funds to spend $25 on a hardcover book.  Or even $8 on a mass market paperback.  I know I have been buying fewer books this year than I did last (for myself, at least.  I have bought at least four books for other people).

Pimp My Novel (yes that’s their name) is a fantastic blog all about what happens to your book after it gets accepted for publication. Today, they started a series of blog posts about the sales of various kinds of books, starting with fantasy.

So here is the good news:  fantasy book sales are up.  No, really.  Apparently, when people are down in the dumps, all they want is good escapist fiction.  Or bad escapist fiction.  In any case, this raises my hopes a little bit.  I mostly only write fantasy (except for a brief obsessed-with-aliens phase when I was between 13-16).  A few recent science fiction short stories don’t count – they’re really just to get unfinished ideas out of my head.

The reader in me is also thrilled with the news.  A higher interest in fantasy means more fantasy will be published.  I’m always looking for another great read.  Especially if it doesn’t concern vampires.


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