It’s Bri as in “eye”

I’ve got a little less than a month to kill before classes start back up. Of course, somewhere in there I need to figure out my syllabi, but that’s something I can ignore for now.

Right now, I’m working on my novel ARCADIAN MONTH (worse title ever, yes, I know). I left the manuscript on the back burner for a while, as I scurried off to Iowa and back, while I worked on The Novel that Ate my Life, that’s currently in pieces.

There are some major aspects of the novel that I need to focus on.

1. Getting the word count up. It’s at 65,000 right now. I’d like it to be between 70-80,000. I don’t want to go up much larger, based on the market I want to aim at.

2. Building up the relationship between Bri and her boyfriend before she starts to fall for Kalze.

3. Bringing Kalze’s presence in earlier. When I first wrote this book, it was all I could do to make the man appear as early as he did. He really didn’t want any screen time, especially if Bri wasn’t involved in the scene, the little bugger. So this is hugely needed, considering this is a romance novel. Ha.

4. Expand the climax on the novel. Bri needs to be more involved than she already is, and there need to be more consequences for their actions at the end. Really, could they penetrate an army base and expect that no one would react? Yeah.

If I can accomplish all that, I’ll be pleased. This novel has already gone through so many rewrites and edits, so I think I’m about done with it. I’m ready to move on. My Muse is even more ready to work on The Novel That Ate My Life. Having dreams about it is a little disturbing.


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